Smoky Eye Makeup


Smoky Eye Makeup

The Looks That Kill!




Smoky eye makeup getseasier done than it isthought to be, imparting those killing eyes to your face and your personality as an organic part of them; only if you take alittle care to be as subtleas you are planning to bebold!

Black is the color of smoky eye makeup, but you can also go for its subdued variations with light grayburgundy or dark khakis matching them with your skin tone andhair color.




Take a sharp black eyeliner pencil, thin black eyeliner with a brush, a thin eye shadow brush, an irridescent dark eye shadow, a highlight shimmer for under the eyebrow, a good quality eyebrow pencil, eyelash curlers, and good quality black mascara that doesn't make clumps.

The rest is easy. Just follow the procedure right and you will get your smoky eye makeup tight:




  • First of all apply the foundation, then the under eye concealer, and then your powder.



  • Starting from the front corner of the eyelid, draw a soft smudge line to the end of the lash line with the black eyeliner pencil.


    Smoky Eye Makeup


  • Apply thedark eye shadowover the top of the smudged line for a soft smoky look, blending the edges neatly with the eye shadow brush.



  • Now apply the liquid eyelineron the top lid with the brushas close to the lashes as possible. Make the linethicker at the outer corner, andthinner inside.



  • Apply the second coat of the smoky eye shadow blending it properly with the harsh edges.



  • Now apply the highlight shimmer under the outside corner of the eyebrow.



  • Make your eyebrow curve more pronounced with the eyebrow pencil.



  • Curling the eyelashes, apply thin coats of mascara in layers.


And lo! You got your smoky eye makeup done within minutes!

Smoky Eye Makeup

Look into the mirror. Is your smoky eye makeup killing yourself?

Or do your eyes still lacksomething?

What are your eyes saying?

What language are they speaking?

Do they have the glow, theluster, and the sparkle in them that kills?

That gives you a totally carefree, yet the most caringattitude on earth turning yousexy in the real sense of the term that the smoky eye makeup stands for!

What about that luster and sparkle of health in the eye that imparts a shining beauty to the eyeball giving it a marked edge over all the best smoky eye makeup on earth you could go for!



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